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  • Despicable Me


Phyllis BellA Knight's TaleThis is such fun! A classic story of a knight's quest for recognition and honour but done with the unusual element of humour. All the necessary components are here; handsome knight, evil knight, beautiful lady, devoted friends, jousting. A fine sight. Suitable for family viewing. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of modern music which contrasted with the medieval costumes and drama.
CindyBack to the FutureLove the eighties :)
AprilBraveMerida's hair is amazing! And its pretty cute and fun for all ages.
AprilChocolateI love this movie because of Juliette Binoche. She is lovely in it and such a free spirit. There is something for all ages in this movie: chocolate, Johnny Dep, invisible kangaroos, Johnny Depp, beautiful european town.
JanetDespicable MeBecause we can't watch Despicable Me 2 since I haven't even seen the first one yet. Looking me breaking all the rules nominating a movie i haven't even seen.
Linda YoungDespicable Me 2Because it is fun to dance to the song "Happy" - and it should have won the Oscar for Best Song this year
AprilFrozenI love the animation and the snowman is pretty cool. Lol.
DoreenHobbit:Desolation of SmaugLove the Lord of the Rings movies
AprilIron Man 3Because Robert Downey Jr. is super hot and well....he's Iron Man and funny.
AprilMidnight in ParisFor Phyllis and I it's in France, for Steve and anyone into music there is fabulous music by Sydney Bechet, for more studious types there are all sorts of famous writers and artists, for the kids there is a silly Salvador Dali. It's such a great movie.
DoreenMonster UniversityI loved Monsters Inc. Very cute animation.
Phyllis BellOut of AfricaThis is a classic and while the children may find the story a bit grown-up they are bound to enjoy the scenes of Africa, wildlife included. It would be lovely to watch this story unfold under the stars. Superb acting. Lions&tigers&people. Oh, my!
JanetPrincess BrideAre you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...

If that isn't enough of a reason, you get to see a young Robin Wright before she took on the role of a co-conspirator to a sociopath in House of Cards
CindyRaiders of the lost ArcLove Harrison ford. Another classic.
BruceRed 2Action/Comedy/Romance
SusanRushAction movie based on cars going fast .... what boy won't like that one. Good story for the ladies and the action driving scenes even had me on the edge of my seat. Great for viewing outside on big screen.
DoreenSaving Mr. BanksVery cute, family movie about the woman who originally wrote Mary Poppins and how Walt Disney convinced her to sign the movie rights over to him.
DoreenThe ButlerHaven't seen it but seems like a movie everyone can watch!
BruceThe Fifth ElementAction/Comedy/Romance
ConnieThe Jersey BoysMary Snoek Mary Snook will be coming as well. This is a recent movie not sure if you'd be able to get it yet but thought we would try.
BruceThe Madagascar Penguin in a Xmas CaperEnough with the Bruce... lets try a get to your seat short movie. And, because I like the Penguins.
BruceThe Whole Nine YardsAction/Comedy/Romance
ConnieThrow Mama From The TrainMay not be. Good for kids,but funny.
GlenTrue LiesBoys movie = Lots of people dying quickly. Girls movie = but in a funny way.
And Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing as a reluctant stripper!
CindyWaking Ned DevineClassic and awesome scenery
DoreenWe're the MillersNot really for kids, sorry Kyle and Georgia, but I hear it's VERY funny!
CindyWillowRemember it being a good story with a good message
DoreenWinter's TaleFantasy movie, kind of a love story, time travel thi

After this year's voting there was such a narrow gap between the top 8 movies, it was decided to hold a run-off vote to clearly determine which movie to host this year.

Here are the top 8 movies that were voted on:
  • Despicable Me
  • Despicable Me 2
  • Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
  • Monster University
  • Princess Bride
  • Red
  • Saving Mr. Banks
  • Waking Ned Devine


Most Enthusiastic Nominator

  • Person who nominated the most movies

  • Two people tied with 6 nominations each

  • Added bonus: neither person voted for 4 of their nominations!

  • Awarded to: Bruce.   Award: Bird Puzzle (to encourage his analytic skills)

  • Awarded to: Doreen.   Award: ??? (to help her with her movie career)

Most Enthusiastic Voter

  • Person who voted for the most number of movies

  • Two people tied with 11 votes each

  • Awarded to: Cindy and Ken

  • Award: Legends of the Silver Screen - jigsaw puzzle (to help slow them down a little)

Biggest Loser

  • Person who voted for the most number of movies that did not include the winning movie.

  • This person voted for 11 movies, none was the winning movie.

  • Awarded to: Cindy

  • Award: LED flashlight (to help find the winning movie next year)

Most Creative Nomination

  • Person who gave the best reason for nominating a movie.

  • Winning Entry: For the nomination “Despicable Me”
    “Because we can't watch Despicable Me 2 since I haven't even seen the first one yet.
    Look at me breaking all the rules nominating a movie i haven't even seen.”

  • Awarded to Janet

  • Award: Playdoh (to encourage her creativity)

Most Determined to Win

  • This person was so determined to get their movie to win they gave one movie a 1,
    and all the other 7 movies were given an 8!

  • Awarded to: Joe

  • Award: His own copy of his nomination “The Hobbit- Desolation of Smaug”

Runner Up. The person who started out with 1,2,3,4 then the other four all got an 8!
  • Awarded to: Phyllis

  • Award: Sudoku book (to help with math skills)

Nominating the Winning Movie

  • Person who first nominated this year’s winning movie: Despicable Me.

  • Awarded to: Janet

  • Award: Despicable Me 1 & 2 movies (because you have to watch both!)

Predicting the Winning Movie

  • Person who correctly guessed the movie that won.

  • Awarded to: Phyllis

  • Award: Two Minions


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