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Most Enthusiastic Nominator

Nominated the most movies that they then did not vote for.
Nominated 9 movies, including one movie twice!
Only voted for one of those movies!

Awarded to: Cindy Ross

Most Enthusiastic Voter

Person who voted for the most number of movies.
Voted for 11 movies, including the winning movie.

Awarded to: Kyle Ross

Biggest Loser

Voted for the most number of movies that did not include the winning movie.
Voted for 7 movies, excluding the winning movie.
Did not vote for 2 of their own nominated movies.

Awarded to: Cindy Ross

Most Creative Nomination

Best reason for nominating a movie.
“All my choices have already been nominated, therefore no matter which one wins, I will be a winner!”

Awarded to: Janet Kuan

Not Following Rules

This is a special category this year for the person who first nominated a movie they had not seen.
Hunger Games won last year even though nobody had seen it, and turned out to be a little too dark.
So this year we only had one rule: You had to have actually seen the movie you nominated.

Awarded to: Doreen Beaulac

Furthest Traveled

Person who traveled the furthest distance to attend the festival.
Traveled 11,343 Km.

Awarded to: Gillian Hotchin

Winning Movie

Person who first nominated the movie that then won.

Awarded to: Doreen Beaulac